Empowering African fisherwomen for sustainable livelihoods.

Empowering African fisherwomen through providing safety training at sea, facilitating capacity-building programs, advocating for gender equity in the fishing industry, and offering support for women's well-being. By focusing on these initiatives, AWFISHNET ensures that fisherwomen have the necessary skills, knowledge, and support systems to thrive in their profession and contribute to sustainable fisheries management and community development.

Workplace Safety

Ensuring occupational and healthy standards, safety protocols and risk assesment for women in fish processing and trading.

Well-being Support

Prioritizing the well-being and social welfare of women, healthcare services and social support networks.

Capacity Building

Enhancing professional competencies and skills of women, encompassing training, education and skill building programs.

Women Empowerment

Initiative focused on finncial literacy, entrepreneurship training, access to resources and markets.

Gender Equity

Establishing gender-inclusive work environment within the fishing industry, to address gender based barriers and promoting gender equality.

Community Engagement

Creating platforms and opportunities for members to interact with local communities, government and more.

Our Operating Principles

Shared Value and Prosperity

AWFISHNET promotes Shared Value and Prosperity by advocating for sustainable use of resources and fair distribution of proceeds of income throughout the fish trade value chain. This means empowering all value chain actors through commercialization and employment opportunities for women and youth.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that women must be part of the decision making in fish and fish products industry. We will endavour to make the sector empowering for women by ensuring more women are at the table for decision making in this sector.


Our approach involves engaging with diverse stakeholders, including governments, grassroots organizations, women fish traders and processors to drive change and development in the fisheries sector. We prioritize gender-sensitive policies and regulations to support our goals.


We aim to responsibly manage fish resources in line with the sustainable development goals, ensuring that the current generation’s needs are met while preserving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026

Executive Summary

To build on their commitment for a sustainable, inclusive and empowering women in fisheries, AWFISHNET has developed her first five year Strategic plan. The development of this Strategic pln was guided by participation and collaborative approaches that engaged AWFISHNET leadership and stakeholders through various instruments for consultations, information and reflections.